My name is Sandra Cazaux, I'm an interior architect student in Lyon.

Year 2

Insign agency

Renovation of the offices of Insign, a communication agency in Lyon. Creation of a maker space visible from the reception area, and a quiet room for silent and individual work.

Minimalist House

Creation of a house inspired by the Farnsworth house of Mies van der Rohe for a family of 4 people with only 3 partitions. Project carried out in English.

La Creperie

Preliminary design of a creperie/cider bar in Villeurbanne. Real project involving a relationship with the project owner.

Optical Store

Preliminary design of an optical store. Request for an isolated test area and a workshop. Development of a spatial concept. Project carried out in 8 hours

The ceramist's Workshop

Layout of a Lyon apartment Creation of an hybrid place where a living space is also a workplace.


Art Drawings

Drawing Techniques. Pencil, black stone with white pastel, coloured pastels.


Technology presentation highlighting new passive and ecological construction techniques.

The Lamp

Creation of a lamp answering to an opposition concept. Here the chosen's oppositions are circular vs angular and equilibrium vs unbalance.